Vaunix Corp.

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The last product added to Vaunix's Labbricks line is the 40GHz Digital Attenuator.

It offers best in class perfomance.

Frequency operation from 10MHz to 40GHz,

It has 31.5dB attenuation range with 0.5dB steps.

Control through USB/Ethernet.


Vaunix Corp.


Vaunix's new SP4T - LSW802P4T is a new product in their switch family. This USB/Ethernet controlled SP4T can be used to switch signals from 200MHz up to 8GHz and can be used for tesing Cellular and WiFi bands (5G and WiFi6E)

Vaunix Corp.


Vaunix launched a new product catagory - Power Dividers.

From 1:2 dividers up to 1:16 X 2 rackmounted units.

The dividers provide excellent performance from 700-7250MHz and can handle input up to 20Watt CW.

Amplitech, Inc.


1-18 GHz Broadband Medium Power high Dynamic Range with 1.5 dB Noise Figure and +20 dBm.

The AWLN-35-01001800-1520-D4 is our latest ground-breaking amplifier offering the lowest NF in the industry. This is a 1-18 GHz, +20 dBm amplifier with 35 dB gain and a Max 1.5 dB Noise Figure. Used for a wide range of design applications and architectures and is suitable for Military and Commercial applications. All our low noise amplifiers come with a 3-year warranty.

Amplifier Solutions Corp.


The recent addition to ASC's Low Noise Amplifiers product line is ASC2848C. The 6800-7800MHz LNA has a Noise Figure of 0.7dB with typical Gain of 25dB and P1dB of +15dB, Supply 12-15VDC at 150ma.

The unit is Hermetically Sealed and suitable for Military applications.